Analog, 35mm
April 29, 2014

Chiriticos #Ibelong

Chiritcos #Ibelong is a documentary photography field work comissionate by the UNHCR to Lucas in order to address the issue of underreporting of birth in the Ngöbe Buglé population in Costa Rica.

Many indigenous kids and youth from this community are born in Costa Rica from panamanian parents - locally known as Chiriticos – who have struggled to get their birth certificates, since these had not been registered at birth. Their nationality is uncertain, and in some cases may be at risk of statelessness. With the Chiriticos Project, a series of activities have been carried out in order to be able to assist the Ngöbe Buglé people in determining their nationality, late registration of birth, if necessary, and obtaining Costa Rican documentation permitting them effectively their rights and basic services, such as education, health, and employment.