Of all the forms of photography, portraiture and documentary photography most called to me. Growing up in many different places in my native Argentina and later adopting nomadism (eternal travel) as a way of life only confirmed the roadmap of my life: to know, to experience, to document and to share. It was inevitable that I would arrive in some remote place and marvel at every inch of its geography, its people, and its customs. To return to that magic state of childhood surprise: to rediscover the capacity for amazement. With my camera in hand, I have had the privilege to act first as witness  and then as a channel, because I feel a deep commitment to faithfully share the story as it was presented to me. To listen more than I speak and, always, to feel.

The perfect shot never interested me. To the contrary: I love imperfection in all its forms, including in photography. What I want to transmit is feeling. I believe that is the only reason the wonderful tool that is photography exists. And without a doubt, photography with purpose is what most moves me and what strikes me deeply. Photography with a story causes me to reflect, forces me to put myself in the shoes of another, enables me to change something inside myself, allows me to dream that through that image someone else experiences a change, that something inside them moves: one millimeter of prejudice, of ignorance, of opening. This is the image that excites me, that helps me open the mind a little bit and the heart even more. To bring this to another person is my task in life. That to see a photograph, another person, a different reality, we see ourselves and leave our own bubble and linear thinking.

When I was seven years old I fell in love with a Pentax K1000. It was total and immediate infatuation, and since then I have given myself to the camera and what it represents. A passion inside me awoke that, together with travel and exploration, has been with me all my life. This is also why I chose to live in a town at the end of the road, surrounded by virgin jungle and the Caribbean Sea. Far from mindless consumerism, from the bureaucracy and systemic obstacles that so harm the spirit.

I continue to travel, to learn, to listen and to experience. And while exhibits are important, as are publications and “likes”, for those who work in this field, nothing makes me feel more alive than crossing a river on foot with water up to my chest - in rainy season - and without certainty that I will arrive to the other side. Or riding a helicopter into the unknown, far away from civilization. And then yes, here and there, people share their stories. Each person is a mystery the size of a galaxy and on the trip there I both lose and find myself… I find that when I am in front of a person to take their portrait, it’s as if the universe stops. Nothing else exists. We find ourselves, always with respect, humility and gratitude. This above all, gratitude toward the people who open their doors and share with me. And this is what it’s all about: what I do, what I love, and what I am. So thank you and thank you a thousand times.

"My life has been a constant crossing of borders, physical and metaphysical alike. That, for me, is the true meaning of life".

Ryszard Kapuscinski


Lucas is a documentary and portrait photographer specializing in native populations, travel and culture. He has traveled extensively through Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe and the Americas in search of stories and images. He directed Marcopolo Magazine, an Argentinean travel and culture magazine, for 5 years. He devised and produced “Postcards from Marcopolo” for the National Geographic Channel for 4 years. Iturriza also co-founded the photo agency Photonomada whose philosophy is “Understanding difference, we build peace.” His articles are published in newspapers and magazines. In 2007 he permanently relocated to the south Caribbean, which he uses as a base for documenting Costa Rica and Central America.

Lucas is the creator of Somos Todos Costa Rica, a documentary photo-field project that promote the country's cultural diversity and has been exhibited at Costa Rica's National Museum in early 2015 and will be presented at United Nations, New York, at 2016.